Crossover Prep Opens its Doors

Crossover Prep Opens its Doors

Atlanta, GA

Crossover Prep, also known as Crossover ASA Prep has opened its doors with its first Postgraduate Program in the Atlanta area. Through a partnership with Action Sports Academy, Luxembourg Basketball Academy and other international partners, the academy brings substantial collective experience and success to the court in helping young post high school graduates receive the exposure and guidance needed to secure scholarships and college opportunities. The program boasts two programs, as well as a joint program with LBBA.

Headed by longtime overseas professionals/college standouts, David Harrison (Head Coach), Markeal King (Managing Director), Phillip Harper (Recruiting Director) and Jerone Dodd Jr. (UPG CEO), the program brings considerable access to its participants. The vision of the Academy’s business model is franchise based, with an outlook to expand throughout the Southeast, West Coast and Midwest within the next 2 to 3 years. “We have already secured about 2 teams for this upcoming season,” noted Head Coach Harrison, “and we are excited about the potential of increasing our brand power, but more importantly, delivering a quality product that our clients will walk away happy with.

“ASA brought some pieces to the puzzle that were compatible with what we already have, so it was an easy decision to partner up and provide more depth to all of our activities,” added Dodd.

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