Crossover Exposure is a recruiting and exposure platform which gives international and domestic student athletes the opportunity to not only receive exposure here in the United States, but premier opportunities to tryout or join US and international high schools, post-graduate programs and college or university. As a subsidiary of Universal Phoenix Group, LLC and PMG, which have notable experience in all aspects of global basketball development and industry, Crossover Exposure events and services are catered to student athletes, and all level of schools alike. We provide professional evaluations, information and opportunities for players to advance their careers and receive a quality education. This includes a host of marketing, informational and consultation services.

Crossover Exposure works with NCAA certified recruiters and places a premium on clients achieving not only their athletic goals, but academic as well. We make sure you are well informed and understand the requirements to attend any program and supply support all along the way. Our goal is to enhance all of our clients’ development as players, students and people in general and our experienced staff have been through every phase of basketball achievement from college to professional.