International Exchange

Crossover Exposure specializes in providing expert consultation for international students who want to continue their high school or collegiate career in the United States and other international markets. Through our partner academies, schools and organizations, we help you find the right option that fits your situation. Contact us for more information on different opportunities, as we have negotiated premium prices and will be able to give you discounted prices on tuition as well as information on potential financial aid and scholarships.

Preferred Partner Organizations

We understand that moving to a new country in high school or college is a major decision for not only the student athlete, but the entire family. We support our international clients beyond paperwork and administrative services by truly embracing each client and make sure they have everything they need to have the best experience possible. We offer the following services in concert with International Exchange:

  • Free One Time Consultation
  • Academic/Testing Advisement
  • Language Support
  • Homestay Opportunities
  • Academic/Athletic Evaluation
  • Training & Recruiting Services

We will walk you through all aspects of the visa process and properly qualify opportunities that fit your budget. Our team of professional players, coaches and recruiters will give you the evaluation needed to improve your game and chances of being recruited or receive a scholarship. We place a premium on education as well and serve as an outlet to language, academic and testing training. Through our partners, we can advise you on NCAA qualifying criteria as well as offer ESL, TOEFL and ACT/SAT preparation courses to suit your needs.

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